Announcements for Week of June 23, 2019


SUNDAY:   10:45 a.m.—  Morning Worship

FLOWER CHART  —  If you would like to place altar flowers in memory or honor of a loved one, there is a flower chart posted on the bulletin board.  Cost is $18 per vase, payable to the church the week before your chosen date.  Please include all info with check.

BABY BOTTLE BOOMERANG—Don’t forget to return your bottles

   — Keep our “Back to School Block  Party” in mind.  There is a box in the narthex for your gift items.  Thank you for helping.

CHURCH PICNIC  —   July 14th right after church.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS — Whitehall Campmeeting is only a  few short weeks away — July 20-28!   Speaker is Ken Love; Worship Leader is Joy Sherman; Youth Speaker is Adam Rentas

MUSEUM OF THE BIBLE TRIP — October 10-12—Plan now to go on this trip to our nation’s capitol.   Sign up sheet and more information is on the bulletin board.  If you have questions, see Diane

COFFEE CANS  —  both 1 and 2 pound coffee cans needed!  See Pat.

WORDS OF WORSHIP  — Bowing is a gesture of humility before someone who is greater than us.  It conveys the respect a servant has for his master.  To “give your bodies to God,” Paul says, is a mark of our worship (Romans 12:1).  If the Lord is our Master, we might look for some way in our prayer and devotion to symbolize that relationship — not just in our heads or in our spirits but with our bodies as well.  Whether we fall on our faces or our knees, or find some other way to bow before the Lord, our action is a reminder that worship is a down-to-earth activity.

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