Sermon for February 27, 2022

The word anxious is such a unique word in the Greek.  The word root word merizo means to divide or draw different directions.  Merimna describes the state of “being pulled apart.” I guess the Apostle Mark died in Alexandria, Egypt, after being dragged by horses through the streets until he was dead had a very anxious time.

Sermon for February 20, 2022

The word mammon is money personified, you put your full trust in money, and it becomes your god.  It is the opposite of what God intends.  We desire to accumulate and acquire wealth that we become fuller and content in a god, that we neglect to recognize or help those who are less fortunate.  God instead wants us to acquire more of Himself and to accumulate the blessing prepared for us in the next life. 

Sermon for February 13, 2022

Today’s message from Jesus is kind the opposite of that.  Jesus’ message is more like Herbie the Love Bug.  Remember Herbie?  A Volkswagen Bug, that unlike the care in Christine, had a quiet personality that nobody expected anything out of, yet he won many races with some comedy in-between.  Or think of it this way.  Remember the old story, the Tortoise and the Hare?  Remember how braggadocios the Hare was?  Yet the quiet tortoise wins the race.  Jesus directs his audience on proper etiquette when is comes to religious fasting.