Sermon for March 27, 2022

Jesus reasons against worldly accepted and celebrated wisdom.  The Temples and synagogues where not sharing with the poor when people gave their tithes and offerings.  The Temple and synagogues were the focus, and the injustices of the poor were being overlooked.  This story is about the storing up and building bigger and better instead of taking care of the needs around them.

Sermon for March 20, 2022

This area of Scripture is very interesting as Jesus makes a statement in verse 10 that for some these are parables, or stories, or riddles, as the truth is within the story, yet they do not perceive it.  Therefore, it is secret ONLY because our understanding is blind.  These verses of Scripture are broken down into three different parts, they are:

Sermon for March 13, 2022

Jesus is stating that his Father gave us the pearls of truth, but we have removed the original intent and we keep moving ahead without understanding that what we are striving for is not worth what we think it is worth.  What God has given us is of the greatest value, so great, we couldn’t even purchase it for ourselves!

Sermon for March 6, 2022

Blow the shofar in Zion! Sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Let all living in the land tremble—for the day of Adonai is coming—surely it is near!  (2)  A day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, as blackness spreads over the mountains. A great and mighty people—from antiquity there was never anything like it, nor after it ever again from generation to generation.