Sermon for October 2, 2022

The Book of Daniel is more about the nightmare of tomorrow that haunted the Jewish people day in and day out.  This book counsels about living one day at a time and trusting God but exercising our faith about the future.

Sermon for September 25, 2022

ossessions here on earth are temporary and too many times we make them seem important when Jesus says that they don’t.  He bases his perspective on a very infamous Old Testament character.  Who is that character?

Sermon for September 18, 2022

Prevenient is defined as to “go before”.  Another English word that also has Latin roots is “convenient” which simply means to “come together” This idea was coined in the early Catholic Church and later reintroduced by theologians John Wesley and Jacobus Arminius as the antithesis of Calvinistic thinking of “predestination”.  Ironically though, all theologians, Wesley, Arminius, and John Calvin were arguing over semantics as they are all talking about predestination but had differences of opinion.

Sermon for September 11, 2022

Paul is actually being quite dark in his commentary of Job to the church is Corinth.  We are all mortal right now.  We are going to die.  The things that we love and spend most of out time with are temporary.  Your favorite smell.  Your favorite color.  Your favorite sports team.