Sermon for May 8, 2022

Why are the people in this area, Corinth, having issue with life after death?  It is due to the Greek philosopher Epicurus, 341–270 BC. Epicurus proclaimed the ultimate end of man’s life at the moment of death. There is no future existence for the dead because with death the body falls apart and everything ends. Epicurus’ view of death as the definitive end to everything was shared by his disciples.

Sermon for April 24, 2022

John 20:22 can be a hard thing to understand.  Why?  Well, when you see this, we see Jesus imparting the Holy Spirit.  This can be quite confusing.  We often celebrate the Book of Acts and the Day of Pentecost as the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit.  We are not wrong in either assumption, but we are wrong in the form of the baptism.  There is a reason why we get the story of Doubting Thomas immediately after this comment.