Sermon for January 30, 2022

As we go into the Winter Olympic Games and as we edge closer to the Super Bowl, I want us to pause for a moment as we watch these events.  Every one of the athletes, both male and female, have prepared for years on end to be at the top of their field.  And in the end, there is recognition, whether be a Lombardi Trophy or a medal.  There will be those who will be the cover of Sports Illustrated or Time magazine.  They will be all over every news outlet.  Most of these athletes feel the weight of representing a city or a nation. 

Sermon for January 16, 2022

There are certain things that we never really grow out of.  In many ways, many of our behaviors are childish.  Now when Jesus states that we ought to be like little children, what I am about to say is not what Jesus meant.  What I am talking about is the childish things we do that are not good behavior. I could have entitled this sermon “Oh Grow Up” but I decided to stick to the accurate understanding of Jesus’ position on the idea of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Sermon for January 9, 2022

How many of you when sharing a story or even perhaps a tall tell like the character Huckleberry Finn, use the words “I Swear to God” when people do not believe your story?  It is something that we do without thinking about it.  If you are ever asked to testify in a court of law, they will ask you to place your right hand on the Bible and swear that everything you are about to say is true.  If what you say is not the truth, you are in danger of contempt and perjury.  It is built into our DNA.  On top of that, we only are willing to accept a truth that we are willing to accept.  It is a truth that meets our criteria and a truth that meets our personal convictions.