Announcements for Week of July 19, 2020


SUNDAY:  10:45 a.m.—   Morning Service
                       Last day —    Christian Women
Connection (CWC) – will
                                    have a membership sign-up 
in the Narthex today.

MON THRU WED 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.—Virtual Campmeeting at (if enough interest, we can live stream it at the church.

TUESDAY:  10:00 a.m.  — Sew Good Hours
                       2:00  p.m. — CWC meeting in Towers Hall

SATURDAY: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Easter Egg Hunt!

WHAT DOES THE CHURCH OF GOD BELIEVE:  Pastor Chad will be kicking off our Sunday School program on August 2nd at 9:30 am going over the basics of Church of God, Anderson origin, positions on Scripture (sola-scriptura), and our foundational landmarks.  Our regular Sunday School programming will kick off in September.

WANT TO TEACH—   If you are still interested in teaching Sunday School this fall, please get your material requests to the Discipleship Team (Diane, Wayne, and Jessie) by the end of this week.

OUTSIDE WORSHIP SERVICE — August 9th at 10:45 am we will be having our worship service at Two Mile Park with a picnic to follow.  If you are interested in being baptized, we are in a very convenient location.  Beach opens at noon for swimming with lifeguards available. 

CHILDREN’S WORKERS NEEDED —  We are in need of infant AND Toddler nursery workers.  Please see Diane to be put on the schedule or to procure needed state clearances.  

USHERS NEEDED — Would you like to be an usher?  See Gary to help.

PRECAUTIONS:  Until the COVID-19 epidemic is over, the water fountains will be covered to prevent cross contamination.  We encourage wearing masks and social distancing as well.  Our ushers will also be checking temperatures as you enter the building on Sunday mornings.

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