Sermon for December 13, 2020

Joy to the World?

Psalm 98

1. The Day of the Lord is when Jesus was born, God in flesh, to walk the earth.  When he comes, there will be a judgement. (vs.-9).  What would the people of David’s day understand this to be? II Samuel 7:1-17

    1.  House was not a building.  The House was a family Name. Vs. 13

    2.  The Name will be an instrument of Judgement. Vs. 14

    3.  The result when He arrives is a Kingdom that is eternal. Vs. 16

So, you must ask yourself the questions, did Jesus check all these boxes?

            1. Luke 1:26-33- well, that checks two of the boxes

            2. I John 2:2 and Romans 3:22-26 – checks the last

So why is this joy to the world?  Well…

            Matthew 7: 13-23

So, if we identify Jesus as the “Narrow” Gate, notice the number who find it…few!?!

If sin is judged then, why should we care?  We can do, act, speak, however we want, right?

No, there must be fruit and one of those fruits is…JOY!

Galatians 5:1; 13-18; 22-23

If we do not bear the fruit, then what?

Revelation 20: 11-15

What does this mean?  It means that you will not be judged for your sins, per se, but rather, you will be judged because you do not know the Way and the Way does not know you!  Knowing Jesus leads to repentance and the receiving of His Holy Spirit which leads to transformation…GOOD FRUIT!  He knows you because He is reigning inside of you!

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