Sermon for February 7, 2021

A Walk through Ephesus:

The Mysteries of Peace and Unity

Ephesians 4:1-7; 11-16

  • Okay, you say that Jesus is your Savior, how should you live? (vs. 1-3)
  • Guess what, He is not just your Savior, His gift is available to everyone! (vs. 4-6)
  • If GRACE is given to us, we must share it! (vs. 7)
  • This is HOW we SHARE JESUS! (vs. 11-12a)
  • How do you build up a church? (12b-13)
    • Terms that need discussed:
      • Body of Christ- a group of Jesus followers
      • All- everyone
      • Mature- Jesus is the Subject in all areas of faith and knowledge. This brings unity.

Body of Christ, All, and Matureā€¦. BAMYou have a Church!

  • If you use BAM, then you will no longer:
    • Be childish, pout, throw a tantrum when you do not get your way.
    • Listen to ignorant teachings or focus on one style of revelation. (vs. 14)
  • But if you use BAM:
    • We speak truth when we love (AGAPE).
    • We let God be God. (vs. 15)
    • We allow God to be the builder. (vs. 16a)
  • However, you cannot neglect to do your part! (vs. 16b)

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