Sermon for February 28, 2021

A Final Walk through Ephesus

The Streaking Warriors

Ephesians 6:10-18

I. Can be fought only with divine help.

II. Involves a fierce conflict with the powers of evil.

III. Is victorious only as the warrior is armed with a divine complete set of arms or suit of armor.

However, the reality is this, most “Christians” are running around either half or completely naked!  Why, it’s a control issue.  It’s a faith issue.  It’s a self-issue.

While we could easily take the issue of the Armor of God as a war with dark powers, we often look past the things that these verses of Scripture are talking about.  The premise of the dark power that we are battling against, Paul sets up in the preceding verses.  They are ALL RELATIONAL:

  • Vs 15:  Be careful how YOU live (the darkness within you)
  • Vs 22-33: Pay attention to YOUR promises (the marriage covenant)
  • 6:1-4: Take care of YOUR family (the family covenant)
  • 6:5-9: YOUR call to be a good worker or a good boss (the community covenant)

This is NOT battle armor as if we are attacking the enemy.  It is quite the opposite.  It is for our protection.  You see, you cannot be at war with yourself or someone else and still show or understand the LOVE of God!  Chapters 5 and 6 are the Greatest Commandments explained:  Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself.  It is this type of loving attitude that the world does not like. 

The need for the armor is because people often bite the hands that is trying to feed them!

However, when it comes to the armor, some solely rely on the Sword, the Bible, but without the Shield of faith, or a breastplate to protect you heart, the Helmet to protect you mind, your feet protected for peace, or even keeps your pants up with the Belt of undeniable truth.  The LOVE of God is at the center of all of these.  If we are not using them according to the WAY that God commanded, we are then running around either HALF NAKED or we are STREAKING into battle and fighting the WRONG BATTLES!

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