Announcements for Week of October 17, 2021


SUNDAY:          9:30  a.m. — Sunday School
10:45  a.m. —  Morning  Worship
TUESDAY:      12:00 p.m.  — FOCS packing backpacks –we have
                                                  enough plastic bags for right now! 
                                                  are  now feeding 118 students weekly.

                          1:30 p.m.  — Monthly meeting of CWC

THURSDAY:   6:00 p.m.  — Property Finance Team meeting in room 4


There’s a basket in the narthex for your cards and gifts for Pastor Chad, Jess and the family!

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE SCRIPTURE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE?   The Worship Team wants your input!  There’s a form to fill out above the mailboxes in the narthex; place the form in the small green basket in the same location.  You or someone else can read your Scripture during the morning service.  Scripture has words of wisdom and comfort that we need!

DISHES AND  GLASSES FOR   SMALL DONATION — Check out what is available in Towers Hall.  See a member of the Fellowship Team or leave your donation in the church office. 

COORDINATING TEAM MEETING — October 26 at 10:00 a.m. in rm 4

ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING  — After morning service on November 7

CWC ITEMS FOR SALE — Brooms for sale — $10 each.  They will also be sending in a Christmas order to RADA in November; order forms in the church office. Contact Carol or any other CWC member

.FOCS 2022 DAILY PLANNER — FOCS will be selling 2022 Daily Pocket Planners for $2.00 to help support their ministry work. 

LAST CHANCE—FOCS Sub Sale—   only 2 tickets left!!  Costs $6.50 for a 8” freshly made-to-order sub.  See Pat or Janet to order subs

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