Faith Promise Sunday, October 16, 2022

Trans World Radio
When our founder, Dr. Paul Freed, saw the need to minister to the people of Spain, he had no idea that God would use his “very puny, reluctant ‘yes’” to build a far-reaching global media ministry — and it all began with one small transmitter in Tangier, Morocco.

He would have much rather traveled to any other place in 1948. He was an American who had grown up in the Arab world; Spain was an unlikely country for him.
But one single trip would uncover a calling which would launch the farthest-reaching Christian media organization in the world. Now, our global network reaches a potential audience of billions with the gospel every day.

What is Faith Promise Giving?

Faith promise giving encourages believers to give beyond what they think they can give.

· Church members are to prayerfully consider the amount to promise.

· The giving is to be in addition to a persons normal offering (or tithe).

· The promise is a faith commitment, often a one-year promise.

· Faith is to be placed in God, not the givers own power.

FOCS has many components:

F= Faith Promise for missions

O= Outreach such as the Backpack Ministry

C= Charity for helping those in need i.e. electric, water and gas bills, rent, etc.

S= Service is the umbrella that all the above falls under

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